Experimental Setup


Nucleus Counter Absorber Sets

  Kundt's Tubes 

AO Spencer Spectrometers 

Optics Rail lens holder

Lens and Object Holder

Gaertner Spectrometers

  • without prisms and gratings
  • Quantity - 2
  • 18" Wide x 13" Tall - Image
  • 12" Wide x 9.5" Tall - Image


  • Quantity - 7
  • 10" Wide x 11" Tall - Image

120VAC Water Pumps (Bilge Pumps)

12V Bilge/Circulation Pumps

12VDC Bilge/Circulation Diaphragm Pump

24VDC Bilge/Circulation Pumps

24VDC Bilge/Circulation Pumps

Bilge/Circulation Pumps

  • Leeds and Northrup - Wall Mount Ballistic Galvanometer 


  • Ealing - Counter Timer Frequency Meter
  • Photogates available for the timers =
    • 5 regular photogate style 
    • 1 Ealing air track style
    • 1 misc style



Pasco Current Balance Model EM-8623

Pasco Flow Rate Sensor Model CI-6730

Vernier Instrument Amplifier

Vernier Barometer

Vernier ULI Microphone

Vernier Thermocouple

Vernier Voltage Probe

Pasco CI -6534: 0 - 10 kPa Low Pressure Sensor

Pasco CI -6820: 4 - to - 1 Adapter

Pasco ME -6810: Time - of - Flight Accessory

Heat Expansion Apparatus

  • Click here for image (Quantity:  (New Never Been Used)  6 steam generators with stands, 6 expansion apparatus with aluminum, brass and copper rods.)

Electrical Equivalent of Heat Apparatus

Electrical Equivalent of Heat Apparatus

Flask Heater - Cenco

Wire - Many sizes - Inquire for specifics


  • Click here for image (Quantity 3: Grey Bausch & Lomb without light, no translation left and right, 10x and 43x) Need your own light source.

String Vibrator ( Vibrator Only ) (Cenco # CP85102-00)

Rotating Turntable



Slide Wire Potentiometer

Leeds & Northrup Bridge

Spark type Acceleration Timers

Puck Launcher


Daedalon EA-03 Air Pulley

Current Balance

Charge Producer

Proof Planes

D.C. Power Supply