Other Experimental Setup

Ball Bearing Rotating Support

Mass and Bar Attachment

Disk and Ring Attachment

Head Piece for Horizontal Torsion Apparatus

Torsion Pendulum - Old Cenco Units

Daedalon Precision Sine Drive

Sargent Welch Airflow Apparatus with Filter Material and Restrictor Plate Set - Brand New

Pasco Flow Rate Sensor Model CI-6730

Vernier Instrument Amplifier

Vernier Barometer

Vernier ULI Microphone

Vernier Thermocouple

Vernier Voltage Probe

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Pasco CI -6534: 0 - 10 kPa Low Pressure Sensor

Pasco CI -6820: 4 - to - 1 Adapter

Pasco ME -6810: Time - of - Flight Accessory

Heat Transfer Apparatus

Electrical Equivalent of Heat Apparatus

Electrical Equivalent of Heat Apparatus

String Vibrator ( Vibrator Only ) (Cenco # CP85102-00)

Slide Wire Potentiometer

Leeds & Northrup Bridge

Puck Launcher



Daedalon EA-03 Air Pulley