Frank Peterson
Section Representative for Iowa

Some 10 members and friends of the Iowa Section of the AAPT met on Saturday morning, April 21, 2001, at the Hotel Fort Des Moines in Des Moines. We met concurrently in the hotel with the Iowa Academy of Science. The presider was our section president, Mario Affatigato (Coe College). We met in a very comfortable small conference room equipped with long conference table about which we had lively discussions. Bill Cox (Dowling High School in Des Moines) demonstrated for us the stroboscopic effect obtainable by viewing a vibrating tuning fork (120 Hertz) in front of some computer monitors. He also distributed copies of some digital photos of the effect. Frank Peterson (Iowa State) described lab activities used in the first few weeks of the laboratory in an algebra-based physics course. These include mathematical and physical problems that students solve in groups. The ten-page handout is available at  In a short business meeting, we discussed options for future meetings. There was considerable support for contacting nearby sections, such as Nebraska and Minnesota, to discuss possible joint meetings, such as we had in Fall, 1999, with the Illinois section. Mario Affatigato also offered to host our fall meeting in 2002. The question of whether we should continue to tie our spring meeting to that of the Iowa Academy is also an issue. These matters will be discussed further at our meeting in the fall.

Wade Sick and his colleagues at Southwestern Community College in Creston will host our Fall, 2001 meeting, on Saturday, November 3, 2001. Members are reminded also of the next meeting of Iowa Science Teachers Section of the IAS to be held on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2001, at the Convention Center in Des Moines. This latter meeting draws about 1000 attendees, mostly K-12 teachers.

Frank Peterson, Section Representative, 6/28/2001