Question #97

This is the first of a series of geometrical optics problems that will be presented at regular intervals for the next indefinite period. Shown in the drawing below is the face of Otto, the object for the optics exercises to follow. By clicking your mouse here for the Background for Face Questions page you may view or print out the array of 28 possible image faces that Otto might create when he positions himself at the appropriate place relative to the optical component under consideration. Over the next several weeks Otto will look into mirrors and through lenses of every conceivable type; your job is to determine the characteristics of the image and answer questions about it. You are to determine how you must view the optical system to directly observe Otto's image, and from that position which of the possible image faces most accurately represents the image that you observe.You may use any available technique, such as ray tracing, calculation, experience, looking it up in a textbook, or even building your own experiment. Each week about three cases will be queried.

You are to determine the following image characteristics for each optical element:

Other details that you might want to ascertain include:

The three optical elements for this week are:

Our answers will include the information above as well as a photograph of the image with the object for comparison.

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