PURPOSE: To show the range of water jets from different heights along a water column.

DESCRIPTION: Five water jets emerge from the tank at equal vertical intervals, with the height of the water at that same interval above the top jet. The range of each jet is measured at the level of the bottom of the container. The center jet has the greatest range; each pair of jets having the same vertical distance from the center jet has the same range, where the range is less the further the jet is from the center.

Click your mouse on the photograph above to see a video of the action.

SUGGESTIONS: See Question of the Week #84 for information on using this demonstration to enhance class involvement.

REFERENCES: (PIRA 2C10.10, 2C10.20) See Demonstration Reference File for further information on this experiment as well as derivation of the above results.

EQUIPMENT: Marriotte's bottle, pan and level block, water and point source.

SETUP TIME: 10 minutes.

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