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 Demonstrations Sites:

 Science Hobbyist:
William Beatty's links to
   demo sites.
The Wonders of Physics:
  -University of Wisconsin
  -Presentations by Professor
   Clint Sprott
  -Physics Academic Software
   available to purchase
     -Physics Demonstrations
     -Chaos Demonstrations
  Bizarre Stuff

   Brian Carusella collection.

 Video Library - Doane College Dept of Physics

  A large collection of video clips for

  use in physics lecture and labs.

 Science Toys

   Science toys you can make 

     with your kids.
  Paul Doherty and the Exploratorium

   Explore the world. Do experiments.

     Examine scientific images.


 Super String Theory 

 The Elegant Universe


 Superstrings: Einstein's Dream at the

 New Millennium


 "Taking the Particles out of Particle



 The Official String Theory Web Site

 What Every Physicist Should Know About   String Theory


Highlighting the Usefulness of String Theory


Gravitational Waves - LIGO

 APJ and TPT Articles on Gravitational Waves

Full Press Conference - LIGO Laboratory Excuetive Director David Reitze

Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Block Hole Merger



 Moments of Discovery

 Three Lectures by Hans Bethe

  The Center for History of Physics

  Langmuir's 1927 Solvay Conference Film

  4 Lectures by Richard Feynman

 7 Lectures by Richard Feynman on "The 

 Character of Physical Law".

The Feynman Lectures on Physics

 Benjamin Franklin and Electrostatics 

 Bright Idea: The First Lasers

The History of Nikola Tesla

The History of Nikola Tesla - Movie

The History of Thomas Edison

The History of Thomas Edison - Movie

History of Einstein

The Digital Einstein Papers

Syracuse University Online - Origins of Electrical Engineering

Ernest Rutheford - Documentary


 Superfluidity and Superconductivity

 Alfred Leitner Videos



 History of Flight

The Voyager Odyssey

The Cassini Odyssey


 History of Flight


 Dynamics of Space Flight - NASA


 Evolution of Flight, 1903-2003


 Flight of Inspiration-the Franklin



 Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum


 Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company and

 Museum of Pioneer Aviation 


 Great American Adventurers - The Wright

 Brothers and the Airplane  found by Ashley at the Goodwin Community Center


 Airport Resources: The History of Flight

 found by Tony in Delaware


 History of Aviation: Aircrafts Through Time

 found by students of Lindsey Weiss in North Carolina


 How Aircraft Carriers Work

 found by students of Lindsey Weiss in North Carolina


 History of the Airplane: Wright Brothers   Airplane Co.

 found by students of Lindsey Weiss in North Carolina


Taking Kids on Vacation - All About Airplanes

An article written by Theresa Caruso that is kid friendly for teaching about airplanes


Airship  -  The homepage for Lighter-Than-Air Craft


Understanding Flight Dynamics





 High Energy Physics

 SPIRES, the Stanford Public Information

 Retrieval System


 Albert Einstein: Image and Impact





 Nuclear Physics

 Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues


 National Science Digital Library


 Nuclear Chemistry and the Community


University of Colorado - Boulder

University of Florida

University of Glasgow

University of Guelph

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

University of Iowa

The University of Maryland

University of Maryland Demonstrations with 366 Questions of the Week

University of Michigan

University of Minnesota

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

University of Oregon

University of Texas Austin

University of Victoria

University of Virginia

University of Washington

University of Wisconsin

Washington State University

Yale University

AAPT Homepage
PIRA Homepage

OSA Homepage

Online Optical Library


Optical Microscopy

The Institute of Physics

AIP Homepage
APS Homepage

NIST Chemistry WebBook Homepage


Kirkwood Community College


Related Disciplines

Texas A&M Oceanography Glossary



2005: World Year of Physics

American Physical Society

World Year of Physics in 2005

Einstein exhibit at the American Museum of National History in New York

Moments of Discovery

Albert Einstein: Image and Impact

Einstein Online



Pre-2005 Rolling Outreach Conference in Ft. Collins, CO.


Antique Apparatus:


eRittenhouse - Rich Source of Information about Apparatus used in the Past


Tom Greenslade's Archives


University of Toronto - Max Kohl Collection


University of Vermont - Antique Demonstrations and Apparatus Page


University of Wisconsin - L.R. Ingersoll Physics Museum


Museum Sites:



The Franklin Institute

Oregon Museum Of Science and Industry

Miami Museum of Science

Museum of Science, Boston

Museums of the World

The Virtual Radiation Museum

Science Museum of Minnesota

Heureka, The Finnish Science Center

Huntington Library

Science Museum, London

Science Museum, Japan Science Foundation


Institute and Museum of the History of Science


IEEE Virtual Museum

X-Ray Tubes Museum

Cavendish Laboratory Educational Outreach



Libraries and Archives

The Royal Society Digital Journal Archive


The Royal Society "Trailblazing: Three and a Half Centuries

of Royal Society Publishing"  (pdf, version).    

Click here for the Online Version.



Sports Science:

Sports Science at the Exploratorium

   The science of baseball, cycling, skateboarding, and hockey.

Baseball Physics

   The physics of baseball.

Football Physics

   The science of football.


Women in Science

Stories about Women in Science by Women in Science

Women's Adventures in Science

College Success for Women in STEM

PDK Poster Project

Astronomical Society of the Pacific- Resource Guide

Under the Microscope - Stories Written by and about Women in Science.  

SciGirls TV Series

SciGirls TV Series - To Succeed in STEM

Sangeeta Bhatia's Sophisticated Medicine

The Untold History of Women in Science and Technology




Extrasolar Planets

California and Carnegie Extrasolar Planet Search



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