Heat & Fluids                                               

Support Equipment

Surface Tension

Force of Surface Tension

Minimal Surface

Capillary Action

Surface Tension Propulsion

Statics of Fluids

Static Pressure

Atmospheric Pressure

Measuring Pressure

Density and Buoyancy

Siphons, Fountains, Pumps

Dynamics of Fluids

Flow Rate

Forces in Moving Fluids


Turbulent and Streamline Flow


Non-Newtonian Fluids

Thermal Properties of Matter


Liquid Expansion

Solid Expansion

Properties of Material at Low Temperatures

Liquid Helium

Heat and the First Law

Heat Capacity and Specific Heat




Heat Transfer Application

Mechanical Equivalent of Heat

Adiabatic Processes

Change of State

PVT Surfaces

Phase Changes: Liquid - Solid

Phase Changes: Liquid - Gas

Cooling by Evaporation

Dew Point and Humidity

Vapor Pressure


Phase Changes: Solid - Solid

Critical Point

Kinetic Theory

Brownian Motion

Mean Free Path

Kinetic Motion

Molecular Dimensions

Diffusion and Osmosis

Gas Law

Constant Pressure

Constant Temperature

Constant Volume

Entropy and the Second Law


Heat Cycles

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