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Supplying Van Allen Hall (Yes that Van Allen (Van Allen Archives.....see picture below), Iowa,
The U.S., and the Inner Planets
with demonstrations, instructional support and outreach programs. (Service to the Gas Giants was suspended when Jupiter deliberately destroyed my "Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9" demo.)



Dale Stille - Instructional Resource Specialist

Office  58 Van Allen Hall
Phone  (319) 335-1833
FAX  (319) 335-1753

2017 Shelving Project

                                                                             Van Allen Day, 10/9/2004

                                                                                 Van Allen Archives

                                                    The Daily Iowan, Feb. 10, 2016 - The Heart of Space Science

                                                    Des Moines Sunday Register, September 17, 2017 - Iowa was where space research was born



These demonstrations are provided only for illustrative use by persons affiliated with The University of Iowa and only under the direction of a trained instructor or physicist.  The University of Iowa is not responsible for demonstrations performed by those using their own equipment or who choose to use this reference material for their own purpose.  The demonstrations included here are within the public domain and can be found in materials contained in libraries, bookstores, and through electronic sources.  Performing all or any portion of any of these demonstrations, with or without revisions not depicted here entails inherent risks.  These risks include, without limitation, bodily injury (and possibly death), including risks to health that may be temporary or permanent and that may exacerbate a pre-existing medical condition; and property loss or damage.  Anyone performing any part of these demonstrations, even with revisions, knowingly and voluntarily assumes all risks associated with them.

This site is the accumulated works of Dale Stille, Carol Hart, Jeremy Eble, Chad Johnson, Adam Johanns, Kathleen Lehman, Megan Yasuda, Lora Yekhshatyan, Lifiana Somantri,  Sutan Suly, Tom Zimmerman, Nathan Quarderer, Donald Frank, Jacob Lamb, Adam Buffington, Danielle Boffice,  Kevin Clark, Trenton Humphrey, and James Rowden.

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