The Little Shop of Physics
  A Colorado State University program featuring hands on demonstrations that are built by students.


Frontier Physics and the Haunted Physics Laboratory

     A Northern Illinois University program featuring a hands on road show and an annual Halloween Haunted Physics Laboratory.

Rutgers University Christmas Science Show
  A Rutgers University tradition with information for those wishing to put on a show at their campus. 


Rutgers University Science Explorer Bus

A Rutgers University "Science on the Road" outreach site.


Syracuse Education and Outreach

     Syracuse University "Orange" physics, workshops, and Outreach programs.


Demonstration Road Show

     Idaho State University educational science demonstrations, teacher workshops, and road shows.

  A University of Nebraska at Omaha program featuring chemistry and physics and also including energy resources and geology.

Physics is Phun
  University of Maryland traveling demonstration programs.

The Science House

The Science House is a learning outreach project of North Carolina State University. Our mission is to work in partnership with K12 teachers to increase the use and impact of hands-on learning technologies in mathematics and science.

Bryn Mawr-Ball of Physics

  Demonstration shows covering areas such as Electricity, Phases of Matter and Pressure, and Energy in the Philadelphia area.           


University of British Columbia Public Outreach
Features outreach activities including Physics Olympics and science summer camps. 


The Physics Outreach Web Site at Purdue University
Useful for teachers who are interested in extracurricular activities for their students, as well as for physics faculty thinking about creating such opportunities at their institutions.


The Department of Physics at the University of Florida
Provides information on putting together a Faraday Christmas Science show.


The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Features a link to a physics van show.


UIUC listing of mobile physics programs throughout the U.S.


American Physical Society: Physics on the Road Programs


Science in Motion  (ASIM)

     The State of Alabama program for bringing science to the schools of that state.  Features a consortium of Alabama Colleges and Universities. 


Cavendish Laboratory

      A tour of the lab's museum.  


Scientists and Innovators in the Schools (SITS)

Nova Scotia Section

British Columbia Section
One of the largest outreach organizations in North America.




General Physics


American Physical Society Physics Central

APS Forum on Education Directory of Resources

K-12 Traveling Science Programs

Physical Sciences Resource Center

The American association of Physics teachers.

Society of Physics Students

Science NetLinks

The American Association for the Advancement of Science site for educators.


Sonoma State University

Department of physics and astronomy directory of science education resources.




American Astronomical Society Education Office

National Astronomy Education Projects: A Catalog


Condensed Matter Physics


Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter

Molecular Expressions

Making Matter

About Temperature


High-Energy Physics


APS Division of Particles and Fields Education and Outreach Page

The Particle Adventure

Particle Physics Education Site

US High-Energy Physics Outreach Programs


Nuclear Physics


APS Division of Nuclear Physics Education Site

National Nuclear Science Outreach and Education


Plasma Physics


American Physical Society  Division of Plasma Physics Coalition for Plasma Science

A Teacher's Guide to Plasma Science on the Web


Governmental Agencies


Department of Energy Office of Science

National Science Foundation Directorate for Education and Human Resources

NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program

NSF Research Experiences for Teachers Program


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