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U of I Talk and Colloquium Presentations


PVC Physics

Colloquium at UNI 9/22/03

Sacramento AAPT Outreach Talk 2016

Outreach Luncheon Dec. 2014

Osher 2009

Laserfest Song

Laserfest Workshop 2011

India Project - Dale Stille and Vincent Rodgers


3-D Printable Physics: from Eckerd College  search Vernier for some printable Vernier accessories


Other ideas for 3-D printing


3D Printed Digital Sundial


Cubic Sphere

Arduino and Rasberry Pi Physics




The 10 Best STEM Resources




Ohio University Online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Ohio University Online Master of Science in Civil Engineering


NJIT Online Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


NJIT Online Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Villanova University Online Master of Science in Analytics

The Rise of Women in Stem

Women Breaking Barriers

Helping Women in STEM - Graduate School Support Services

Everyday Curiosity - A weekly magazine that explores math, science, and engineering in the real world.

The Curiosity Effect - A suite of online programs designed to encourage kids to explore in depth some topics on engineering, physics, and inventing,

The Comprehensive Resource for Engineering Degrees

Types of Engineer Careers

STEM TO STEAM - Online Masters Of Music In Music Education - Kent State

13 Experts: How Learning Computer Programming Impacts the World

Guide to K-12 STEM Resources for Teachers

Pre-college STEM - Tulane University

STEM High School - Tulane University

Going back to School for Computer Science

Management Resources:


100 Best Web Recourses for Managers

Completed list of websites covering HR, operations, strategic, marketing, financial, and IT management. 


Time Management Skills

An article about time management for teachers.


University and College Comparison Tools:


Affordable Colleges Scholarship Information


College Scorecard (US Gov. Site)


College Affordability Guide


Accredited Schools Online


Affordable Online Colleges in America: Rankings & Report


The Rise of the Not-for-Profit Online Degree


Online Colleges and Their Respective Tuitions


Nursing Schools Guide


Nursing Degree Guide

Nursing Online Resources

What Can I do with my MSN Degree

A Complete Guide to LPN Education and Career

Physics Education Research Guide



New Lecture Methods and Techniques


Best Colleges Online article


Financial Aid for Online Colleges 


Finding the Right Online College


College Resources:


Physics Study Skills from College Atlas


Types of Engineering Degrees


Try Engineering - Tips and Fields


Scholarship Guidance

Thinking of Skipping College? Here are 6 Stats to Change Your Mind


Us News University Directory

Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Fighting the High Rates of Addiction


Vanan Services to Students

Alcoholism Rehab Resources

College Guide for College Students with Cerebral Palsy

Mesothelioma Scholarship

Recall Report

Cyberbullying Awareness and Avoidance Resource Guide

Workout guide to help strentghen your core

Healthy Natural Seeds for Human Consumption

Apply Now Free Job Applications at job applications

Online Nursing Degree


Project Know: Alcohol and Drug addition resources



A Nobel wining theoretical physicist's collection of websites: How to Become a GOOD Theoretical Physicist by Gerard't Hooft


University of Iowa Physics & Astronomy Courses


University of Iowa Lecture Demonstration Site Disclaimer


University of Maryland Lecture Demonstration Site Disclaimer


Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory Safety Manual


Capacitors in Series by Brightstrom 2


Ice Accelerating Down an Incline by KhanAcademy


Chegg Online Physics Tutors 


Chegg Online Student Study Resources


Little Gems YouTube Channel by Douglas Stith


Osmos Hemisphere Games


Astronomy – Complete Resource Guide and Educational Revie

Stellarium software

OpenStax textbook

Astronomy Calc

Example from Astronomy Calc (above) - Jupiter Observation

Astronomy Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Free Math Homework Resources

Math Activities for Kids


Math Calculators

Good Calculators

Calculators for Kids (Credit Critics)

Brilliant: Math and Science Done Right



More Than 101 Ways to Use a Laser






Electrical Engineering Schools - 101 Electrical Engineering Apps. 


Mechanical Engineering Schools

  A complete list and comparison of the top Mechanical Engineering Schools. 






  • Built on Facts - Written by physics grad. student. Detailed posts on higher-level physics.

  • Bad Astronomy - Phil Plait - half astronomy, half skeptics.

  • Physics Buzz - from Physics Central highlights interesting articles from various blogs and important news in physics.

  • Swans on Tea - frequent posts highlighting physics from around the web. YouTube videos helpful for classroom.

  • Dot Physics - written by a physics professor, includes a lot of physics content and activities.

  • Sciencegeekgirl - "Intersection between science, education, communication, and me."



Science Teaching Tips PodCast

    Five minute podcast episodes for grade school science teachers.  


A resource website on clicker use
   Numerous resources pertaining to the wireless personal response systems (clickers).


Confessions of a Converted Lecturer - Erik Mazur

Big file will take time to download.


Addiction Resource

Raises awareness on the dangers of addition and helps university students stay drug-free.


Health Finder

Promotes better health on university campuses.

The Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality



Resources for Kids 

A Guide to Managing Your Studies


ZoomSci: Science and Engineering Projects for kids


The Kids' Guide to Simple Machines in Cars


Car & Vehicle Science Experiments (


Forest Fire Safety and Prevention for Kids


Kids Know It Network


An Intro to Logistics for Kids


Astronomy for Kids


K-8 Space Education Resources


Calculators for Kids: Important STEM Tools


Exploratorium | The Science of Cooking


Sport Science Links


Physics of Archery sites.



You Can Understand the Physics of Baseball! - Activities

Physics and Acoustics of Baseball & Softball Bats by Daniel A. Russell, Science & Mathematics Department, Kettering University.

Physics of Sport on the Web

The Physics of Baseball



Physics of Sport on the Web




Physics of Sport on the Web



Physics of Sport on the Web

Inspired Bicycles - Danny MacAskill April 2009



Physics in Sport on the Web



Physics of Sport on the Web


Physics of Sport on the Web

Golf Impacts - Slow Motion

Funny Golf Tips from J.C. Anderson

Golf Ball hitting Steel in Slow Motion


Physics of Sport on the Web



Physics of Sport on the Web



Physics of Sport on the Web



Physics of Sport on the Web


Physics of Sport on the Web


"Pole Vaulting"

Physics of Sport on the Web


Physics of Sport on the Web



Physics of Sport on the Web,%20caleb,%20bill%20project/whit,%20caleb,%20bill%20project.htm



Physics of Sport on the Web



Physics of Sport on the Web



Physics of Sport on the Web



Physics of Sport on the Web




Physics of Sport on the Web

Educator Resources 


101 Free Online Collaborative Learning Tools


Arbor Scientific - Cool Stuff Archives

  Low cost projects and demonstrations with Paul Hewitt and Chris Chiaverina.

Astronomy Textbook
   This textbook was written to increase student access to high-quality learning materials, maintaining highest standards of academic rigor at little to no cost.

"Astronomy by Sight" Physics by Inquiry

   Physics by Inquiry: An Introduction to the Physical Sciences

The Astronomy Center

   Educational Resources for teaching introductory astronomy.


Astronomy and Space Resource

   Additional Resources for astronomy and space.

Astonomical: Stock Photos by Cavana

   Additional Resources for astronomy photos and template design.


A View of Outer Space From Your Window

   Additional Resources for astronomy and space.



Bridge and Bridge Building

   A collection of websites about bridges, bridge construction, and bridge-building contests.



        Communities for Physics and Astronomy Digital Resources in Education.


CSERD (Computational Science Education Reference Desk)

   Links to science related resources including software downloads.


Daryl Science's E-World

    Hands-on, inexpensive demos.



    DnaTube is a non-profit video site which is aiming to be a visual scientific resource for its visitors making scientific concepts easily understandable.


Educational Electronics

  Educational Resources for Electronics Technology.

  Subscription site with links and resources to over 20,000 educational websites.

Example Geogebra physics simulations and animatins for physics teaching

  An excellent tutorial on waves using GeoGebra Simulations.


Experiment Problems for Electricity and Magnetism

  Examples of mechanics experiment problems at Ohio State.


Explore Science

      Highly interactive science activities for students and educators.


The Exploratorium Science Snacks

    A variety of science projects from the Exploratorium.


Force Concept Inventory and Mechanics Baseline Text


Free Physics Educational Software

  This website provides FREE physics instructional software.


Grey Company Trebuchet Page

  Shows various models of trebuchets and historical information.


Hands on Science!

  It is focused upon using physics-based, hand on activities as a creative method to bring older children out of their doldrums of learning apathy acquired by 4th, 5th, or 6th grade, and produce children interested in everything for a lifetime!



  Concept mapping of physics ideas.  Mostly for the science education teacher. - Astronomy Resource

  Guides to the night sky.

Jeff Regester's YouTube channel
  Mix of demos, puzzlers, derivations, tutorials and screenshot examples.


  Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is an online video-publication for biological research.


The King of Random - Grant Thompson

Do not do these at home -- this is just to show how not to do these experiments. No safety equipment used in the videos.


Knowledge Revolution
Interactive Physics II.

    Resources for K-12 teachers from Annenberg Media


Learning and Teaching Resources


Lesson Planet

    Lesson Plans - search over 30,000 links to lesson plans via Lesson Planet.



The Mechanical Universe

  A collection of 52 half-hour university videotaped physics lessons from CalTech.


Martindale's "The Reference Desk"

  An incredible collection of links to resources on many different topics.


National Science Digital Library

  Educational resources for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.\


NSTA | Freebies for Teachers


PBS Teacher Source

   Website for science and technology.


Physics Central

  Physics news, links, "how things work," and pictures.


Physics Teaching for the 21st Century

  For teaching physics concepts in real-world contexts.


The Physics Front

  Resources for precollege teachers - high school and middle school physics and physical science teachers - with plans for materials for K-5 teachers underway.


The Physics Teacher's Index

  Hosted by Robert Barrett, and not related to "TPT Magazine."


Practical Physics

   Website where teachers can find out how to set up and manage practical work - both demonstration and class experiments.


PSRC Demonstration Sites

  Physical Science Resource Center - a collection of science related educational topics maintained by the AAPT.


OEDb - Open Education Database

  An online database of free resources for science students to supplement their studies, or for students wanting to learn more before choosing a field of study.


Rice University - The Center for Research on Parallel Computation

  This site has many resources for high school physics teachers and students.


Richard Feynman - The Character of Physical Laws

    Series of lectures on The Character of Physical Laws from a Cornell professor in 1964. Link is to YouTube, Microsoft also offers the full lectures at:


Rutgers University - Physics Teaching Technology Resource

   This website is an attempt by a group of physics education researchers at Rutgers University to implement video technology in an effective manner in physics instruction.


The Science of Addiction: K-12 Integrated Prevention Curriculum


Science of Discrepant Events - by PhenomenaScience


Science Fair Project Ideas, Answers, & Tools


The Science House - Physics Curriculum Guide

  Websites, Lesson Plans, Applets, and Shockwaves, and other resources for each Objective of the ten goals of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Physics.


Science Teaching Tips PodCast

  50+ five minute podcasts for grade-school science teachers. Produced by the San Francisco Exploratorium's Teacher Institute.


Science Toys

  Low cost projects and demonstrations.



  Is a set of short movies for science teachers. 



  Created for scientists, by scientists, SciVee moves science beyond the printed word and lecture theater taking advantage of the internet as a communication medium where scientists young and old have a place and a voice.

    Instructional resources and software for use in the classroom. 



    High resolution spectral modeling.

    Science teacher that runs a website that features science experiments, educational info. and offers science products.         


The Ultimate Teacher Resource Guide

    A Comprehensive guide to teaching resources for all grades and subjects.

U.C.Berkeley Department of Physics
  -On-line interactive problem sets
  -Videos available to download
  -Runs best on Macs with Interactive Physics II


Wildfire and Nature Lesson Plans and Resources for Educators 


Wireless Power

   Resonant Inductive Power and How it Works


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